An Epic Adventure


Here are details about the background theme for the Houston Puzzle Hunt. We invite you to embark on the continuation of a historical annual competition that all began during the atomic age, first won by a clever girl named Marie.  Below are some glimmers into her story.


December 15
Requisitions Team
Department of Curation and Archivism
Nation Museum of Cognitive Ethnography


Dear Exhibition Prep. Team:
Please process and prepare the accompanying historical artifacts for the upcoming “Mind of Modernity” exhibition.  These relics were recovered during our Team’s ongoing cataloging activities at the Madison-Maxwell Storage Archives, and seem to support the controversial “Blind Luck” Theory behind the involvement of the great Marie LeBeau and the other children in the very first World’s Puzzle Event.  The authenticity of these antiquities has not been confirmed, but the FLAVOR of these TEXTs paints a very different picture of Ms. LeBeau than that of the revered intellectual that most of us think of.  


Shipping Manifest: First print Madison-Maxwell promotional poster (1), invitation letter from the Madison-Maxwell to Ms. LeBeau (1), Postcard from Ms. LeBeau mentioning her upcoming trip for the World’s Puzzle Tournament.



gallery/maxwell corp poster
gallery/marie's postcard front
gallery/back of postcard copy
gallery/press release letter top
gallery/press release letter bottom