About The Puzzle Hunt


The Houston Puzzle Hunt will be at 1 pm on Sunday, March 1, 2020 at Memorial Park in Houston.

What is a puzzle hunt?

You and your friends will work together to solve puzzles, competing against others. Puzzles may come in many forms, and may require you to think logically, creatively, or abstractly to come up with an answer..  See our samples.

How do I set up a team?

How does this work?

When you buy a ticket, the money goes directly to HOPE (Homeless & Orphaned Pets Endeavor) to support the great work they do rescuing dogs and cats in Houston. A small amount will be used by HOPE for prize support and event costs. 

Did you say prizes?

Yes, there will be awesome prizes, to be announced soon.

Each participant (age 12 or older) must purchase a ticket. You may play as an individual person or on a team (no limit to number of team members). If you play on a team, you will indicate your Team Name and members on the day of the event.